I Write Things

The official website of some guy you've never heard of


Name: Matthew Triponey. Prefers to be called Matt but dislikes writing his full name that way because the subsequent hard Ts make it sound like his name is Matriponey, and the pause he has to place between the first and last name while saying it out loud makes him sound like an idiot.

Age: Eternally 26, because it will be years before it occurs to him to update this page.

Mental Age: Dead seven years ago.

Writes About: Movies, mostly, and occasionally some other things, which he has said on every website he’s ever started only to never write about anything other than movies. He means it this time.

Occupation: Author of books that have never been published. Currently trying to fix that.

Hobbies: Wandering aimlessly, fretting about the inevitability of his own death.

Purpose of This Website: Long, rambling movie reviews, and one of these days, repeated exhortations to buy his book.

If You Just Can’t Get Enough of Matt Talking About Movies: Follow him on Letterboxd. 

If You Just Can’t Get Enough of Matt Talking About Everything: Follow him on Twitter. At most, it is only 95 percent yelling about politics.

Weird Habits: Writing in the third person.